ANKETA Hotel Arena Anketa Hvala vam, ker ste izbrali naš hotel in podpirate naše prizadevanje za trajnost. Verjamemo, da vsak majhen korak k zeleni prihodnosti šteje in vaše povratne informacije nam bodo neprecenljive pri izboljšanju naših trajnostnih praks.   Vljudno vas prosimo, da si vzamete...

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Evropini keksi

Café Evropa Evropa cookies Café Evropa Evropa cookies At Café Evropa, we believe in adding a touch of warmth and love to every aspect of your experience. And what could be a better embodiment of that philosophy than our home and handmade cookies? These delectable...

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Marriage in Medieval tower of Hotel Evropa We have hosted couples who celebrated in the most intimate atmosphere with a small number of guests, as well as couples who were surrounded with numerous relatives and friends.

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Business & private events

At Hotel Europa, we provide complete catering service, which include all the equipment (including tent), decorations, service and also the final cleaning. The venues vary and there are no restrictions. You can choose from forest clearings, meadows, family gardens, factory production halls, galleries, museums, banquet halls, or a tent.

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Café and confiserie

At Café Evropa, you can experience a long-standing tradition of desserts and pastries. Our delectable creations are crafted with skill and dedication, carrying the essence of time-honored recipes and expertise.

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Indulge in a delightful breakfast experience at Hotel Evropa, available every day from 8:00 to 11:00. Whether you prefer a leisurely meal or a quick bite before your day's adventures, our breakfast offerings cater to every taste and ensure a perfect start to your day.